Hi! Welcome at Studio brandwerk ®.

Hi! Studio brandwerk ® can be your partner to communicate on a continuous professional level. Read more on this page ‘how we do this’ and what are some of our ‘beliefs’ and ‘values’.

With our hearts in entrepreneurship, we love to talk about ambition.

We’re known as a communication agency that explores the product. Wether you need a basic video, website or online learning platform, we think creative in building your brand and manage to organize your budget into a profitable business.

Every branche is different. We have experience in art and craft, mobility, textile and consulting. Cycling & mobility is our main activity branche.

Before we create, we’re happy to invest our time in exploring the branche. We create websites, logos, images and videos. But above all, we love to talk about your business and find solutions.

Our values

Think innovative no matter how big the project is, with no exceptions.

Whether it’s a basic flyer, an online learning platform – we think about all aspects of your business. Even further, we think about other aspects and love to talk about other opportunities.


It’s personal.

We connect with your brand. It’s like we are co-founders. We want you to succeed – no matter what we have to do for it. We love your business.


We build things that inspire people.

We love to work for brands that are innovative and make a change.


We are not a big agency.

Our prices are reasonable. Most of the work is done by Rembrand himself.


Working together with freelancers.

For several projects we are working as a team. We connect with freelancers that can deliver specific services. There is no better way to do business by working together.



We stay connected and you can call us anytime.

To undertake is to be flexible. Your business is never finished. That’s why we need to stay connected to give you a sounding board. And yes, if there is anything we can do – we are happy!


years of experience


clients that count on us.

Studio brandwerk®

Studio brandwerk is a full communication agency that goes beyond communication. Located in Ghent (city) - we advice and maintain business relations with an on-going partnership. It's already been 12 years that we help people developing their business. We love to talk about ambition, business and progress.

Are you looking for creative work?

Studio brandwerk is always looking to expand the network of photographers, copywriters and cinematographers. Apply by contacting us!

Get in touch.