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Event Photography

Capturing a corporate event is mostly an underestimated service. Besides the event itself, communicating about the event before and after is equally relevant. That’s why Studio brandwerk offers photography in a corporate surrounding.

Four steps in capturing your event in photography.

Talk about the goals and usage.

What does your event represents? Connecting people – making your brand visible, making profit – are a few of the many reasons why events are planned. We’ll have a quick (or long) talk about your event. The better we’re prepared, the better the result is – for usage afterwards.


We investigate the event location.

We want to be prepared – knowing the space(s), corners etc. is important to be in time for a one-time shot, but also: preparations in having the right lenses. And which lens we need to adjust from which corner.


Capturing and delivering in the same time.

Today – we’re used to share photos and videos instantly. Not different at Event Photography. We are happy to assist you to advice which photo you can use for inviting your online community to inform the start of the event (or even watch the Live Stream).


Delivering the next day.

In the social world we live in – you’ll need to have the photos fast, because your event has an expiration date. We edit fast high quality and send you all photos the day after the event. It’s a promise.



* Pricing excl. VAT


Starting from 5 pm

Evening Event

1 Photographer
4 hours Shoot
150 edited photos
Delivery after 1 day

From 8 am to 8 pm

Full day Event

1 Photographer
12 hours Shoot
500 edited photos
Delivery after 1 day
Starting from2300

Multiple Days

1 Photographer
2 x 8 hours Shoot
700 edited photos
Delivery after 3 days

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