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Logo & branding

The core of you business, translated into a visual style.

Launching a business requires a visual recognizable branding. It all starts with the vision of your business. As a business is never finished – designing a logo and the brand style is a complicated job.

After get-to-know your business, we start designing and combine style, color and your general message to your target-audience. From that start, we already have thought about your full branding.

A logo is not communication. It’s identification. It’s the period at the end of the sentence. Not the sentence itself.

Logo or Logo rebrand

Your business name translated in visual identification

Starting from 350 euro.

Logo + font-use and coloring.

Business identification + font to start communicating and colors to use.

Starting from 650 euro.

Logo + font(s) & guideline bundle

We get your business on track for future communication: every action in the future is based on the is guideline.

Starting from 1400 euro.

How do you get to work and what can I expect?

When you order a logo, you’ll receive 3 mock-ups: Three totally different styles for you to choose from. After your choice we refine and export what you need.

You can upgrade from ‘Logo’ to ‘Logo + Font-use and coloring’ or ‘Brand Guideline’, depending on your needs and our advice.

What kind of files do I need?

The standard formats are provided. You need to know – we have experience in building brands so we advice you to know where your logo will be presented. From this talk, we deliver all sizes and formats.

What you need – we provide with a little note: the editing files are only shared when there is a good connection between you an us. We kindly hope we can build a future together.

How important are fonts and colors?

Depending on your kind of business, you’ll need to think about fonts and colors. Actually, that’s our job – but we would like to establish transparency in what we do.

So, defining a color-range is choosing a style of communication. Choosing a specific front in every format of communication gets a professional style of work. Keep this in mind when creating anything that gets out of the office.

A well-thought branding gives your customer trust and reliance.

What is a Brand Guideline?

Brand Guidelines are clearly defined rules and standards that communicate how your brand should be represented to the world. Brand guidelines help businesses ensure consistency and demonstrate what the company is, what it does, and what it stands for.

This Brand Guideline can be communicated to retailers that work with your brand. In all communication from 3th parties, it’s important that the rules of usage are followed.