Portret Photography


Visit us at Studio brandwerk (Brabantdam – Ghent): 2 hours of studio photography. Receive your HD photos one week after the shoot. This photoshoot contains: 2 hours of Studio photography + 1 hour editing.

* By translating our services into a webshop, we create trust (from both sides) and a simple way to equalize our work.
If you like, you can order a service – and plan this by contacting us – but of course we will contact you.
Contact us first for a business talk and see here (service webshop) our quotations.



Studio Photography is exactly what is sounds like. It is an indoor photography discipline used for its controlled environment. The photographer has total control over the lighting, background, and all other aspects of the photoshoot.

For that reason, we are able to control the setting completely as you want it or as we advice it. As we first have a talk and get to know your personality, we can get the sphere where everyone can be themself. That is important when you want one or ten profile pictures. Your look, your reaction, coloring must be related to your personality.

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