Starting your new brand.

There are a lot things you must comply before you can start designing or even communicate about your brand. Building a brand is not an easy task. There is a big difference between building your product, setting up your business, connecting with people and designing your brand.

It seems obvious but a lot of start-ups struggle with the fact that there is a difference between developing a new product and 'get the product to the people'. As so, most businesses are already 3-4 years active before they contact us. The product is amazing - but their clients don't believe in it.

Mostly it is because the product is not known. Sure! It’s brand new. “What do people expect?”

Yep, that’s it. What the hell do people expect? They expect that your product can be sold as a professional item. Your B2B customer doesn’t want to brand your product. That’s your job! So, before selling – design the atmosphere around the product, get your mind into the customer and create your perfect buyer.

Designing your brand is a logic step after building your business plan.

When you think about we all have a personal brand. We have a name, a face, a style and a way of communicate. Some people like your style, others don’t. And that’s ok! The same goes for your business brand.

Step by step - we get started on your brand. But first, make sure your numbers are correct. Pricing, delivery-plan, achievement goals, etc. should be there before you start designing your brand. If you have design skills - it's tempting to combine these two. It's actually normal - in my opinion. But don't get ahead of yourself.

10 steps in developing your brand.

  1. Name availability. Is your brandname legally available? Searchable in Google? And should you register one or more domain names?
  2. Register your online domain.
  3. Design your brand logo.
  4. Develop the sphere around the brand.
  5. Setting-up a brand strategy.
  6. Set-up your website.
  7. Connect social media.
  8. Apply photography/video.
  9. Design your on-going communication plan.
  10. Connect with your employees and network.

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