Building ideas
into projects.

We’re a Ghent-based agency. We strive to translate ambition into fulfillment.

We are pretty
excited you're here!
It means we may have
a new challenge.

‘Ambition is a strong desire to achieve something.’ As an agency, we have the advantage to translate ambition into fulfillment over and over again.

We are based in Ghent – Belgium. Local businesses count on our photography and video skills, but we’re mostly working remotely for companies in Europe.

With more than 10+ years
of experience, we build
your idea into
a longterm project.
... doesn't stay at
Studio brandwerk.

We’re known as a communication agency that explores the product. We go the extra mile to learn and develop.

Whether you need a basic video, website or help in business development, we think creatively in building your brand and manage to organize your budget into a profitable business.

Every branche is based on the product and its communication. We have experience in art and craft, mobility, textile and consulting.

We have a passion for cycling.

Quick messages,
fast answers.

That’s actually what we’re known for. We’re not the biggest agency and that has the advantage to make direct contact, design fast and deliver a straight-forward service.

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