Field Photography

Creating memories, a lifetime of happiness.

We create relationships with businesses to deliver full package photography for businesses and organizations.

For online or print publishing reasons, your brand needs a well thought photography representation. This style of photography will improve the ‘image’ and ‘tone of voice’ of the brand or business.

Every moment, we are here to capture the essence.

Relive the excitement, capture the moment and add value to your event.

Hotel / B&B Photography
Immo / Real Estate Photography
Garden Photography
Lifestyle Photography
Corporate Photography

1/2 day or Evening Photography

Partnership in capturing the story of your idea. Receive your photo-package one week after.

starting from 450 euro (excl. vat)

For ex.: Event Photography is the skill to capture moments from the beginning till the end of an activity. We focus on the result by having the story in our minds. It is important to get informed before the event takes place.

For ex.: You want to profile your employees to show to clients and potential clients your business has a great team working.

This contains: 4-5 hours + 1-2 hours editing

A full day of Photography

We'll be attending your full day activity and deliver the story of the day in photography. Receive your photo-package one week after the event.

starting from 750 euro (excl. vat)

Depending on the project, choose a full day of photography.

For ex.: You’re having an event planned with employees, clients or suppliers – we’re happy to capture this event in photography. Use beautiful photography to add value to your business.

For ex.: Owning a hotel or B&B? Then photos of the rooms, lounge space, breakfast space, etc. are more important than anything else. These photos are used for, Tripadvisor and your own website. And why not use them for on-going social media communication …

This contains: 8-10 hours event + 2-3 hours editing

Travel Hotel Kruisem

Travel Hotel Kruisem

Travel Hotel Kruisem

Travel Hotel Kruisem

B&B De Voorplaats

B&B De Voorplaats

B&B De Voorplaats

B&B De Voorplaats


Rederij Dewaele – De Bootjes van Gent

Brompton Bicycles



Rederij Dewaele – De Bootjes van Gent


Ministry of Privacy

Studio Photography

Your personal branding and professional website/shop.

For example: You want to have a great profile picture for your professional social media channels – or you need to capture your products for web purposes. Let’s get together and work on the perfect result.

Use our photo studio for your business: people and products.

Let's have a talk.

Studio Profile Photography

Visit us at Studio brandwerk (Brabantdam - Ghent): 2 hours of studio photography. Receive your HD photos one week after the shoot.

starting from 125 euro (excl. vat)

Studio Photography is exactly what is sounds like. It is an indoor photography discipline used for its controlled environment. The photographer has total control over the lighting, background, and all other aspects of the photoshoot.

For that reason, we are able to control the setting completely as you want it or as we advice it. As we first have a talk en get to know your personality, we can get the sphere where everyone can be themself. Oh yes, that’s important when you want one or ten profile pictures. Your look, your smile, coloring must be related to your personality.

Product Photography

Let's work together to create beautiful images for your website/shop. Give us some time to edit all images before sending them to you. We stay in touch!

starting from 55 euro (excl. vat) / hour

Product Photography is a skill mastering general photography combined with creativity. See this with an enormously lust for perfectionism. Once the creativity process is done, the idea has been formed – it goes fast.

DIY Product Photography

Do it yourself in our studio.

starting from 45 euro (excl. vat) / hour

It’s up to you!

Use our gear and our studio for your projects. Enjoy a 1/2 day or full day to shoot your products and use them for your web/shop and or print.

Need help? We’re always around to assist you.

Result of some work over the years.