Project Management
for the cycling market.

Partner in communication – for events, monthly content creation and digital development.

We manage cycling brands and retail
in communication.

What started as ....

We started with a passion for cycling and were thinking about opening a cycling store. That idea led to another passion – communication for the world of e-mobility. There was so much going on we couldn’t stop developing and expanding our ambition. Since 2020, we tell cycling stories – for brands and retail.

It’s what we love and aim to do. Building brands that make an impact on better mobility for families and health (sport).

Connected to distribution.

For a communication agency it’s hyper-important to see what’s going on in retail-stores and discover the end user experience.

With the brands we work with, we connect with clients (cycling stores). They get in contact with us to optimize their communication. It’s vice versa.

Get to know Roulé Agency. In our office in Ghent – Mathias Verhaeghen has his office, showroom and cycle work corner.

The Veloe Story.

It’s been 4 years since we connected with this Italian cargo eBike brand. After developing a wonderful eBike we were asked to build a website and advice in what the cycling market needed in Belgium and The Netherlands.

From this partnership we can proudly say Veloe is riding mostly in Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels and of course all over Belgium, Germany, France, Spain and other EU countries. We didn’t achieved this by ourselves.. After 3 years – we teamed up with Roulé, as representative Belgium and The Netherlands, a representative in Germany and France.

We’re continuously improving products (eBikes and accessories) and representation of the brand.

Keep yourself updated at

Connected to retail.

Since 2016 we’ve been in contact with local retail. In the beginning Antwerp was our main region. We launched / back then and We’ve been able to crack our way into this wonderful world.

Today, we help local cycling stores, brands with online communication.


A lot has changed since 2016. Companies from automobile see opportunities in cycling. Nevertheless, small cycling stores have a future. The market needs to rebrand itself to maintenance first and sales second.

For several retail stores we made videos to brand them into the future.

Quick messages,
swift responses.

That’s precisely our claim to fame. As a boutique agency, we proudly maintain a distinct advantage – the ability to establish direct connections, generate rapid designs, and deliver a seamless, no-nonsense service.

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