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POP UP Studio brandwerk

A place for your business to grow.

In the heart of Ghent.

You are selling awesome products. Right? But online –  with a distance between you and your customers. Finding a great pop-up store is difficult. They all have their value – but most of them are not considering your budget.

We open our front-store space at Brabantdam, Ghent. A small space (25m²) in the heart of Ghent is perfect to invite your current customers and attract new customers. It’s a space for short – fast and ‘come and go’ events.

Organizing an event adds value to your store/business. It connects your brand IRL to your customers. Discover our different packages below.

Contact us.

or scroll down to see our budget friendly prices.

Build your own Pop-Up Store.

Normally, our front office space is a meeting space for clients and meet-ups. The main advantage here is the visibility in the centre of Ghent – that’s why we’re offering this space as a Pop-Up Store. It’s an opportunity for clients and relations to start a business by organizing an event.

Don’t know how to start? We’ll help you! Get in contact to discover the possibilities. A great start focussing on growth!

Get in contact.

Setup your style.

We created a blank interior with multiple possibilities so every brand can fill their style. Don’t hesitate to ask about other fill-in possibilities.

Example: King comF, for 4 days.

Online shop King comF will be using our Front Store office from December 14 till 17 2022. Take a look and shop at all wonderful clothing and shoes from this high-end brand.

All in-house communication.

After making a connection with your customers it’s always a good idea to give your customers something to take home. Let us create your flyer, business cards or gift.

Pop-Up for 2 Days.

Use our Front-Store Space for a weekend (Fr-Sat-Sun).

180 euro (excl. vat)

Use our Front Store Space to attract new customers for 2 days. You can choose Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday. We help you thinking about the concept.

Pop-Up for 4 Days.

Use our Front-Store Space for 4 Full Days.

360 euro (excl. vat)

Use our Front Store Space to attract new customers for 4 days. Choose your days in order to get the most out of it. We help you thinking about the concept.

Pop-Up for 7 Days.

1 Week Visibility in the heart of Gent.

550 euro (excl. vat)

One full week Pop-Up Selling and connecting with new customers. We help you thinking about the concept.

Custom Pop-Up

Let's talk about your needs.

Pricing based on your needs.

For longer periods, let’s talk about opportunities. Would you like to open your Pop-Up store for two weeks, a month? Let’s get in touch!